This video is a short clip that shows a great example of Fat Tuesday Productions LLC capabilities.

Videos from the 2011 80/35 Fest. Sound & Lighting production by Fat Tuesday Productions, buy cialis ampoule LLC Giving Tree Band Performs Thief.

Fat Tuesday Productions uses the finest, viagra buy state of the art concert equipment. Whether you need a small concert sound system or an entire stage set-up, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this partial list of our favorite tried and true equipment.

Staging Through Stage Line

Fat Tuesday Event Production
  • SAM750
  • SAM550
  • SL320
  • SL260
  • SL100
  • SL50

Amplification/Speaker Management

  • DBX4800
  • Crown MA5000i, IT6000
  • QSC PLX3402, 3002, 2402

Truss, Lighting, and Stage Effects

Truss, Lasers and Lights
  • Global Truss
  • NSI
  • Digital
  • Traditional Par 64, LEDs, and lasers
  •  Martin Movers and Hazers


Midas Pro Console
  • Midas Pro 1 Digital/DL251 I/O
  • Midas Pro 1 Digital
  • Soundcraft Expression 2 GL2400 32 frame
  • Allen & Heath MixWizard
  • And many other models on request.



All makes and models available on request.

Front of House Cabinets

Bag End Crystal - Front of House Cabinet
  • JBL Vertec 4888
  • JBL Vertec 4880
  • Bag End Crystal
  • Bag End Quartz
  • EAW LA325
  • EAW LA128z