Fat Tuesday Productions uses the finest, viagra buy state of the art concert equipment. Whether you need a small concert sound system or an entire stage set-up, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this partial list of our favorite tried and true equipment.

Staging Through Stage Line

Fat Tuesday Event Production
  • SAM750
  • SAM550
  • SL320
  • SL260
  • SL100
  • SL50

Amplification/Speaker Management

  • DBX4800
  • Crown MA5000i, IT6000
  • QSC PLX3402, 3002, 2402

Truss, Lighting, and Stage Effects

Truss, Lasers and Lights
  • Global Truss
  • NSI
  • Digital
  • Traditional Par 64, LEDs, and lasers
  •  Martin Movers and Hazers


Midas Pro Console
  • Midas Pro 1 Digital/DL251 I/O
  • Midas Pro 1 Digital
  • Soundcraft Expression 2 GL2400 32 frame
  • Allen & Heath MixWizard
  • And many other models on request.



All makes and models available on request.

Front of House Cabinets

Bag End Crystal - Front of House Cabinet
  • JBL Vertec 4888
  • JBL Vertec 4880
  • Bag End Crystal
  • Bag End Quartz
  • EAW LA325
  • EAW LA128z